NexusAB Ltd
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DNV ISO 9001CIF Certified AchillesFPAL NCC Group

What We Do

A modern commercial approach to Quality Assurance in the Oil and Gas Sub-surface Sector

NexusAB Ltd provides quality assurance, risk mitigation, supply-chain management and technical inspection services to oil & gas and utilities companies operating in the North Sea and around the world.

We also provide powerful 'Software as a Service' (SaaS) tools to help drilling and completion departments meet their statutory requirements for the specification of well services conditions, as well as to provide a 'real time' interface with key suppliers of capital equipment to reduce NPT and equipment failure rates.

Our leading-edge products and services include:

  • Equipment Statement of Requirements™ (ESoR) Software
  • Wells Status Validation Service™ (WSVS) Software
  • Well Programme Support & Vendor Evaluation
  • Audit and Investigation
  • Quality Assurance Engineering
  • Third Party Inspection Engineering