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Well Status Validation Service

Well Status Validation Service™ (WSVS)

Are you confident in the accuracy of your well status?
Do you want to reduce costs through improved data management?
Need to react faster to changing market forces?
WSVS helps reduce costs and improve operational efficiency, through:
  • Accurate specification of current well services conditions
  • Accurate reporting of well operating status and Safety and Environmental provisions
  • Compliance fully with Audited Wells Portfolio and DTI Abandonment legislation
  • Consistent tracking of the mechanical status of your Well Portfolio
  • Preparation and initiation of maintenance and workover operations to safeguard production revenue through well integrity
  • Audit for assessment of asset value and preparedness of marketing to third parties
  • Enhanced asset value in the event of a property acquisition or disposal
  • Increased effectiveness for the technical due diligence teams during the acquisition process

Maximise the potential from your wells portfolio

Well Status Validation Service™ (WSVS) is an externally hosted, quality assurance system that provides you with a detailed audit history and confirmation of your in-situ well equipment across your wells portfolio.

This integrated, data-management software provides you with the certainty you require to meet your statutory reporting requirements. WSVS can also help improve the efficient use of capital assets and workforce, reducing costs and improving performance across your portfolio.

WSVS delivers auditable security for the maintenance and support of Well Service Records

Well Status Validation Service™ (WSVS) is an externally-hosted and fully-managed, quality assurance system, provided as a 'Software as a Service' (SaaS), where NexusAB Ltd host and maintain the software architecture, and take responsibility for the maintenance and support of well services records. WSVS requires no additional customer investment in IT infrastructure.

The SaaS model provides a Lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) across the full life cycle of the hosted software service, which is another reason why the WSVS system is increasingly being used by suppliers as well as operators.

Straightforward to set-up and introduce

NexusAB Ltd works closely with each client to implement a bespoke system that complies with your company's data security and governance policy.

At the outset of any new project, the WSVS validation team will agree a clearly defined set of project deliverables. Then, using a comprehensive set of configurable tools and rigorously tested processes, our validation engineers will help examine and consolidate all the available current and historical data to produce an accurate wells status. This provides your team with the confidence that the mechanical condition of the asset is accurate, and enables you to make the appropriate operational, onward maintenance, further development or divestment decision.

WSVS can be accessed by licensed company users 24/7 from anywhere in the world using any browser.

WSVS software from NexusAB Ltd also includes:

  • Assistance with Data input
  • Engineering Consultancy
  • Licensing per seat paid on a monthly basis
  • Ongoing software maintenance and development
  • Single reporting hub throughout the process for well engineers, completion engineers, petroleum engineers, drilling contractors and asset managers