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DNV ISO 9001CIF Certified AchillesFPAL NCC Group


Would you like to check equipment integrity before it goes offshore?
Do you need to ensure compliance with a range of QA certification systems?
Want to make more effective use of company assets?
Our QA engineers are able to provide key expertise in the following areas:
  • Quality Assurance Engineering
  • Audit and Investigation
  • Third Party Inspection Engineering
  • Well Programme Support & Vendor Evaluation
  • Wells Status Validation Service™ (WSVS) Software
  • Equipment Statement of Requirements™ (ESoR) Software

NexusAB Ltd provides the certainty your company demands

The highly experienced engineering teams at NexusAB Ltd help our clients in the oil and gas industry to ensure that they comply with quality assurance and health and safety regulations around the world, while at the same time maintaining the efficiency and productivity of their sub-surface operations.

We achieve this through the provision of market-leading supply chain assurance systems, regulatory compliance and technical inspection services. Our consultants provide complete QHSE discipline support to the exploration and production drilling and well construction teams in the North Sea and around the world. We also have particular experience in the assurance of technically complex, HPHT and new technology-based well programmes.

Effective risk mitigation informs our approach to quality assurance

NexusAB's Quality Assurance and Inspection Engineers help clients to integrate the quality assurance of equipment and services across the construction process from initial well planning to close out. Our track record consistently shows that we are able to dramatically reduce in non-productive time (NPT) and equipment failure incidence on the projects we support.

We are most effective where clients outsource accountability for all aspects of assurance to NexusAB Ltd; however, we are happy to work with clients on whichever basis best suits current operational needs.

How we work with you

In addition to providing robust technical assurances services, our experienced consultants use proprietary NexusAB methodologies, such as ESoR™ to assure 'Fitness for Intended Use' and to mitigate QHSE and operational risks.

NexusAB Ltd uses the following methodologies for enhanced well programme support:

  • Vendor & Technology Evaluation/Verification
  • Active Mitigation of Commercial and Physical Risks
  • The NexusAB Equipment Statement of Requirements™ (ESoR)
  • The NexusAB Well Status Validation Service™ (WSVS)
  • Clear, transparent and readily accessible reporting processes

Our highly experienced quality assurance and inspection engineers are able to provide this programme of support on a global basis.